MAXIM Restaurants
The International Company for Touristic Projects (ICTP) established Maxim Restaurants in 1996, located in front of Cairo Marriott Hotel, Zamalek.

Maxim Restaurants is a multiphase visionary touristic project. The first phase was the outstanding and luxurious cruising restaurant “Nile Maxim”.

The second phase was the docked complex of restaurants was established at 2003 by the famous "Veranda" lounge, recently in 2015 we established the most delightful and elegant restaurant and lounge “Gu Bar”.

Khulkhal” Arabian restaurant was opened in 2007 on the upper deck with the unbeatable open air atmosphere on the Nile offering varieties of Arabian cuisines; Egyptian and Lebanese .

Risas Restaurant and lounge opened in 2011, has a friendly atmosphere with modern Spanish interior design, offering an abundance of choice with a wide selection of top quality food and drinks.

Outdoors opened in 2012, the perfect outing right on the Nile decks. With a different band each night and our resident Dj.

ICTP aim is to accomplish one mission: “Deliver First Class Quality Standards of the Restaurants Business”

“Halah”‚ our “Transportation Provider”‚ is our operator that serves Maxim Restaurants' guests upon their request. A fleet of cars‚ buses and limousines is available for rental to and from the compound. Other destinations can also be arranged. www.halahlimousine.com
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